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Company Formation and ASIC works

When starting a new business in Australia, you can choose to have any one of the below structures:

  • Sole trader
  • Partnership firm
  • Company
  • Trust

Registering a company is a lengthy process. You can get it done via two ways:

  • Reach out to any private experts like Crown biz. We have access to ASIC’s system. We can apply on your behalf and keep a track of your application.
  • Submit the form directly with ASIC. As you are starting the business, doing this yourself can cost a lot of time and efforts. Also, if any documents are missing, the process can take much longer.

When registering the company, there are many aspects to be looked upon, like:

  • Decide if it will be limited or unlimited liability.
  • Will the company operations be based on replaceable rules or constitution?
  • Select appropriate company name.
  • Choose the state where you want the company to be registered.
  • Are majority shares of the new company owned by another parent company?
  • Decide who has the main titles like Director, secretary etc.

Some of these need acumen and deep understanding of company and tax laws. This comes only with experience. Thus having a right partner in the process of company formation can make a lot of difference to the game.