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Departing Australian Super Payment Claims

If you are a temporary resident in Australia, then you can get your superannuation. Before applying, make sure that you have a departure stamp on your passport and the visa should be cancelled or expired.

The Crown biz will assist you on every step of your Departing Australian Super Payment claim. The team will guide on how to get the visa cancelled (if it has not expired). After this, we will assist you on the right way to fill the form. Any incomplete or missing information can either result in delay or rejection by the authorities. Thus, always take help of experienced professional.

The form then needs to go to Department of Immigration and Citizenship for claim processing. Our team will keep a follow-up until the money is not received in your account.

People have many doubts on how and when they can claimsuperannuation. Our experts can guide you on the process, tax rate of refund, or any other related queries. Even if you have worked several years back, you can still claim your superannuation.

In last few years, the consultants have helped many foreign nationals claim the lump sum amount which they never thought of due to tedious process.