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Individual and Sole Trader

If you are a salaried individual, we can help you file the returns. Tax filing is simple if there is no other income source. Our experts can guide you on various ways to save taxes legally. Many people have been benefitted with our advice over the past several years.

We also assist business firms, where the owner is the sole trader or self-employed personnel’s like real estate agents, writers, contactors, retirees, investors etc. with tax planning and filing. We can even assist on how to do book-keeping.

The company can provide you with certain tools that can make your accounting much easier. We even provide training of these tools and support whenever required.

For simple returns, our rates start from $60. For more complicated returns that need more consideration, the rates vary. However, we can assure that our prices are best for individual and sole traders.

You can even use our Do-It-Yourself online service to file your own return. With our tool, you can be assured that before sending the return to the tax department, one of the experts will check it.

There is another service where you can get consultancy but can file the returns yourself.

Else answer few questions and we can file the returns for you.