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Lodging and Preparation of GST, PAYG

Lodging is submitting your tax returns to Australia Taxation Office. There are multiple ways in which you can lodge your returns:

  • Use services provided by registered tax agent
  • Online via myTax
  • Using standard and authorized software
  • Send post

You must always lodge the returns before the due date.

For submitting the BAS, the GST and PAYG must be paid. Crown biz can provide support for:

  • Applying for GST, ABN or Company Name
  • Create and maintain BAS and IAS statements
  • Formulate PAYG summaries

It is very important for any business to withhold correct amount of tax and report it. We have experts who can help you with PAYG and GST. They will also assist you in superannuation reporting.

Any incorrect or late data may attract fines and more interest. Our team will guide on various aspects of BAS, GST and PAYG. They will help clear many myths surrounding these. Further, they will always help you by submitting the GST and PAYG before due date. Be it monthly, quarterly or annually, our experts will always be on the top of it.

The rates of the services is very reasonable. By paying small amount towards our services, you save time for your business and shall never attract fines due to delay or wrong entry.