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PTY Ltd Company Formation

PTY  Ltd stands for Proprietary Limited. This means the company is owned by privately. Further, each shareholder has liability to pay debts of the company limited by the percent of shared held. All small and medium businesses prefer to register as Proprietary Limited.

The ASIC has several requirements for a company to be registered as Pty Ltd. Most common are:

  • To have one director, one secretary and one shareholder to live in Australia.
  • Registered office should be in Australia

You can apply for Pty Ltd formation via authorized consultants or online. It may seem lucrative to apply online, but in reality it can be a cumbersome process. Crown biz has been working for several years as consultants. Our team can guide you on every step and suggest ways to expedite the work.You can save yourself from regular follow-up, as the consultant working with you will take care of it.

The charges for this service is very minimal. As an authorized consultants, we have access to some special system of ASCI. Using this, in many cases we can get the ACN number and certificate in less than thirty minutes. This system is available 24X7. If you are looking for Pty Ltd registration, ask more on how we can help you.