Tax Returns Preparation and Consultancy

Crown biz/Smart Tax help individual, companies and trusts with all tax related services. Starting from book-keeping to filing the returns can be done through us. The company has several years of experience in job accounting, taxation planning and other complex tax matters.

Our experts are the masters of numbers. They have in-depth knowledge of taxation rules and their implementation. Using the right strategy, the team has helped individuals and companies save money ethically.

The team is certified and well experienced. Each member has worked as tax consultant or public accountant for many years.

The company is headed by the most renowned and qualified tax consultant in Australia. The various certificates and degrees are displayed below for your reference. He has worked with some of the biggest tax firms in Australia before opening his own firm. All experts are personally selected based on merit and experience. Thus, you will always deal with the one of the highly qualified and proficient accountant.

There are different tools that you can use to file the returns online. You can consult our team any time in case of doubt. We have special services for senior citizens in Australia.

The team of trained and accomplished accountants looks forward to serve you.

Individual and Sole Trader

If you are a salaried individual, we can help you file the returns. Tax filing is simple if there is no other income source. Our experts can guide you on various ways to save taxes legally. Many people have been benefited with our advice over the past several years.

We also assist business firms, where the owner is the sole trader or self-employed personnel’s like real estate agents, writers, contractors, retirees, investors etc. with tax planning and filing. We can even assist on how to do book-keeping.

The company can provide you with certain tools that can make your accounting much easier. We even provide training of these tools and support whenever required.

For simple returns, our rates start from $60. For more complicated returns that need more consideration, the rates vary. However, we can assure that our prices are best for individual and sole traders.

You can even use our Do-It-Yourself online service to file your own return. With our tool, you can be assured that before sending the return to the tax department, one of the experts will check it.

There is another service where you can get consultancy but can file the returns yourself.

Else answer few questions and we can file the returns for you.

Partnership and Companies

For companies and partnership firms, the accounting and tax declaration is little complicated. It should only be done via certified tax practitioner.
There are different rules and exemptions for different industries. The new laws are introduced every year. The team at Crown biz/Smart Tax is always on the top of any tax related development. Any changes in rules and you will get detailed report from us on how it will affect your business. We will also discuss measures you need to take and any changes that should be introduced in the business practice.

We can help you with real time cash flows, proactive solutions and tax-effective strategies that can help your business.

The team will ensure all back-end work is done and returns are filed before the date agreed between us. You can also get our accountant services where our experienced professionals help you with day to day activities and timely reconciliations. You have complete support for all cloud and non-cloud applications provided by us.

Besides filing tax and maintain the books, we can also help in setting up the company or partnership firm. Our experts can guide you best on the legal formalities and can get it done for you.

Trust and Super Funds

Super funds are a great way of making money for retirement. But the structure and functioning is not that simple. The set-up of self-managed super funds or trusts can be really complicated. Crown biz/Smart Tax can assist you set up your own trust or super fund. We are well versed with all the rules and regulations. Our team will see that all the mandatory requirements are met as per the law.

With our online tools, you can keep an eye on your investments.

Our experts can guide you on how you can raise money for investing in real estate. You also get suggestions on which are the good pension funds to put money in. We are not associated with any company. Thus our suggestions are fair and in your best interest.

The team at Crown biz/Smart Tax will help you in preparing your profit and loss and file the tax. We can even do third party audit of your statements.
For trusts, if you are looking for some changes we can process amendments in the trust deed and can also help in winding up.

Any other queries related to structure, set-up, withdrawals, compliance can be answered by the professionals at Crown biz/Smart Tax.

Departing Australian Super Payment Claims

If you are a temporary resident in Australia, then you can get your superannuation. Before applying, make sure that you have a departure stamp on your passport and the visa should be cancelled or expired.

The Crown biz/Smart Tax will assist you on every step of your Departing Australian Super Payment claim. The team will guide on how to get the visa cancelled (if it has not expired). After this, we will assist you on the right way to fill the form. Any incomplete or missing information can either result in delay or rejection by the authorities. Thus, always take help of experienced professional.

The form then needs to go to Department of Immigration and Citizenship for claim processing. Our team will keep a follow-up until the money is not received in your account.

People have many doubts on how and when they can claim superannuation. Our experts can guide you on the process, tax rate of refund, or any other related queries. Even if you have worked several years back, you can still claim your superannuation.
In last few years, the consultants have helped many foreign nationals claim the lump sum amount which they never thought of due to tedious process.