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Appointment and Removal Directors and Shareholders

For both PTY ltd and public companies, directors are mandatory. Any appointment of removal must be notified to ASIC. Some people who are blacklisted or are bankrupt cannot hold the position of director. In some instances, like failing to lodge PAYG, the director has personal liability.

For shareholders, proprietary and public companies have different requirements. Any changes to shareholder pattern in Pty ltd Company, member details must be shared with ASIC.

However, for public companies, only the structural change, that issue of shares or buyback of shared must be notified.

The director and shareholder information is public. Anyone can request access to it via ASIC.

Any changes to director and shareholders attracts several documentation. It must be updated correctly across all public systems so as there is no confusion. For this, always look for consultants who have proven records.

Crown biz has a team of experts, who work on this. They have handled several such cases in past. Their experience is invaluable. We ensure all documentation is done right and follow-up is kept.

If you are the owner then involving yourself in these tasks can cost you high. Your business needs your undivided attention. Leave this to the people who are proficient at it.