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PAYG Summaries and PAYG Annual Statements

The Australian Taxation Office requires every company to give its employees, worker or any other beneficiaries a statement showing all the payments given to them along with any tax withdrawn from that payment. This is a separate statement and is different from salary slips. Any Pay As You Go summary must include:

  • Total amount paid
  • The tax withheld
  • The different payment codes
  • The tax file number

These can be given either electronically or on paper. After giving the PAYG summaries to all employees, you will have to lodge the annual report.

It can be very complicated task which must be done before the deadline.

Crown biz can help you prepare the PAYG summaries, make PAYG statement and lodge the annual report.

There are many different kind of PAYG summaries, depending on the business and status. Few of them are:

  • For individuals
  • Foreign employment
  • Tax withheld without ABN
  • Foreign residents
  • Employment termination

At times, the scenario can make filing annual PAYG statement very critical. An expert advice can help you sail through this easily.

Our services are very affordable. The experts have complete knowledge and expertise in the area. You will be happy the way we do PAYG summaries and statements.